Overcoming the Temptation to Quit

In this course, Dr. Dollar will help you understand the consequences of quitting, how to not be afraid of trouble, how you can grow and mature through trials, and how to be more than a conqueror in any circumstance through the love of God.

Jesus warned us that in this world, we would face trouble. Life is full of challenges, and frequent disappointment and discouragement can make quitting seem like an easy way out. Whether it’s on our marriage or family, our faith, or on the purpose God has called us to – we all at times face the temptation to give up. Moses, Elijah, the Disciples, and even Jesus faced the temptation to quit! But God promises to give us strength and be there for us in times of trouble.

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Discover how to:

  • How to maintain your faith and not give up
  • Don’t quit when it gets hard, pray and turn to God instead
  • How to cultivate strength, persistence, and patience in the face of adversity

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